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We start on big boards to learn the wing handling quickly and understand faster how to manoeuvre and learn how to foil. It feels like a walk on water on your first “take-off” with almost no water resistance; after that, flying in low wind conditions and gusty winds will no longer bother you. You can go upwind all time quickly, and the soft pumped wing will not hurt you in any crashes.

If you have already tried it, or are already an experienced winger, add a Wing rental to your boarder package. If not, let us teach you! The entire course will be only three days.

Wing Surfing

a new hype and fascinating new board sport!

The combination of surfing, windsurfing and a little bit of kite surfing gives you the feeling that you can fly over water!

At Flisvos Sport Club, we got directly addicted to this extremely fun sport which is easy to learn for everyone. You don’t need to be strong, nor have any knowledge of windsurfing or kite surfing, and it is even fascinating in very low winds and with wind from any direction.

Both Flisvos windsurf centres are equipped with the latest wings and wing foil boards to give you the ticket to this fantastic new flying experience. We offer supervision at the flat water Laguna windsurf centre to get familiar with the feeling. As soon as you get advanced, you can directly go out on the wave spot at our premium windsurf centre at St. George Beach and ride some waves on the foil.

Spot Map

Rental and Equipment

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Sport Team

Our international sports team can’t wait to share their passion for sports with you.

They will bring you fun and happiness while you learn new challenges and make your holiday unforgettable.

We supervise Wing surfing from our rescue boat with the latest BB-Talkin waterproof Bluetooth communication system to ensure you learn quickly and save as possible!

When was YOUR last time you tried something for the first time?

We also offer a “once-in-a-lifetime Wing surf” boat trip experience with our brand new Axopar 28 TT, the “SEA SECRET”, where we explore new spots all over the Cyclades!

Supervising from the “SEA SECRET” is also an option for everyone who feels like doing something extraordinary out of the Box!

Give it a try this summer and find out that this total body workout is an extremely fun way to spend time on the water and is for everybody who wants to be 24/7 on the water.
The perfect activity for low-wind days.

A “once in a lifetime experience”

Wing surfing gear 2023

We offer you just the latest and best Windsurfing gear! Take a look at the websites of our suppliers:

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