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the sound of the waves

Kalimera from the beautiful island Naxos! The Flisvos Sport Club has all the ingredients for an ultimate windsurfing venue and is also the perfect holiday destination for anyone seeking relaxation, action, sun and fun. You can enjoy windsurfing, wing foiling, kite surfing, stand-up paddling, and snorkel or float on your back in the middle of the Aegean Sea.

Love at first sight!

My Naxian dream came true in 1994 when I established the Flisvos Sport Club. With its natural beauty and vibrant beach life, Naxos became my home—there’s no better place for me.

Enjoy a restful sleep and relaxation in one of our Flisvos seaside studios and apartments, designed in the typical Cycladic style. Experience the harmonious and charming atmosphere we’ve crafted to ensure you feel relaxed and happy.

Friendly faces and a warm welcome always await you at our Flisvos Sport Club. We eagerly anticipate meeting you and introducing you to all the facilities at the Flisvos Sport Club, as well as guiding you on how to explore the beauty of Naxos Island.

“When it comes to windsurfing, all you really need is wind and water, but establishing a top windsurfing destination requires more than just renting equipment and catching a few waves.

That’s why we created the Flisvos Sport Club and gathered an experienced team to meet your holiday needs and make your Naxian dreams come true!”

Jan Andres