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Windsurfing – Let the sea set you free.

Windsurfing without limits – a paradise for beginners, experienced windsurfers and experts.

The Flisvos Sport Club provides a unique combination. You have a perfect flat-water area in a shallow Laguna and one of the best wave spots in the Aegean Sea. We are operating with two water sport centres just five minutes walking distance apart: The Flisvos surf and bike centre and the Flisvos Laguna centre. The wind direction at the windsurfing area is side-onshore from the right creating a nice swell and breaking waves which can reach a height of 2 meters or more. This area is perfect for jumps and wave riding!

Our windsurf centres’ daily goals are to give the highest level of safety and the best service at all time. Our stations are equipped with life rescue boats. We provide supervision from 10 am to 7 pm. In addition to our extensive course program and equipment rental, we also offer windsurf-safaris to areas in the south of Naxos Island, downwind surf tours, seminars and clinics.

Windsurfing Courses and Equipment

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Learn how to windsurf

The Laguna is a shallow flat-water area. It is ideal for beginners wanting to learn windsurfing, and for intermediate windsurfers to improve their skills. It is also the perfect place to enjoy speed sailing in flat-water conditions and to practice power jibes and freestyle moves. We operate windsurfing courses for all levels throughout the whole season with professional and VDWS licensed instructors.

Have a look at our special events like Aloha Surf Camp, Aloha Basic Moves Event and The Girls Camp.

Sport Team:

Our international and licensed sport team can’t wait to share their passion for sports with you. They will bring you fun and happiness while you learn new challenges and make your holiday one you will never forget.

Windsurfing courses

  • Trial , 1 hour
  • Beginners course, 6 hours
  • Private lessons for 1 or 2 persons
  • “move on“ course , 2 hours
  • “move on advanced” course, 6 hours

The use of equipment is included during these lessons.

Prices for pre-booking are about 20% reduced compared to the prices on the day.

Windsurfing Courses

Windsurf courses for children and teenagers

Play and learn – this is our idea to teach children windsurfing!
We offer special classes for children on special light windsurfequipment.
Children up to 11 years old get a 20 % discount on any courses

VDWS Courses

All courses are given by licensed VDWS instructors under the rules of the VDWS


Windsurfing gear 2019

We offer you just the latest and best Windsurfing gear! Take a look at the websites of our suppliers:

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