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kumpan emobility scooter naxos rental greece flisvos sportclub griekenland vakantie electric zomer island hopping

Kumpan E-Scooter

Another little dream came true!

The cooperation between Kumpan electric scooters and the Flisvos sportclub.
Since long we wanted to find some good electric vehicles to move emission-free around on our beloved island.
The 1954 RI is the island scooter we have been looking for and after our first test rides, we are convinced that you will all enjoy them as well.
We believe driving emission-free and noiseless with electric scooters will be a great future concept for tourism on the Greek islands.

Rental prices

49 € / Day

39 € / Day

3 days and more

Smart, clean and silent

Our Kumpan’s prove that driving pleasure and sustainable mobility can work hand in hand.

We want to contribute to reduced CO2 emissions and only refuel on electricity, helping to prevent noise pollution for our environment.

Fancy a test ride?

Try the new dynamics and driving experiences of our Kumpan E-Scooters: It will leave you with a unique and unforgettable experience.

Ask our reception team at the Flisvos studios and apartments to assist you.

Our Kumpan electric E-Scooter:

Sustainable, innovative, stylish – and 100% driving fun!

Technology at its best

Enjoy 100% performance with the latest technology from Kumpan:

Featuring a 7-inch touch display, 4kw power, powerful battery with long range, dynamic driving mode, trackable by telemetry and a key app.

Go on, convince yourself!

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