Katamaran segeln in der St. George-Bucht

A Sailing Adventure…

Cat sailing is a passion that can change your life. The wind drives you, the sea calls you and the sun kisses your skin: A dream for all sailors.

Enjoy this sensation whilst the hulls of your catamaran cut through the crystal clear turquoise water of St. George Bay. The course program covers a wide range from beginner classes to advance. Our team of VDWS instructors is 100 percent committed to live up to the standards that we have set for ourselves, make sure you get the most out of your holiday and keep you safe on the water. Our Hobie Cats 15 and 16 are also available to hire on an hourly basis to sail around St. George bay.

Even if you have never sailed before, you will be amazed how easy it all is. We offer private and group sessions with our instructors who will use a mixture of theory and practical lessons, on-water coaching and demonstrations throughout the day to enhance your knowledge and sailing skills. You can also come along and just join a taxi sailing with an instructor and up to 3 persons.

Enjoy the peaceful moments while sailing offshore from the Flisvos Laguna centre.

Book a lesson and learn a new skill on your holiday!

Courses and Equipment

Courses and Equipment

Learn how to sail

  • Trial, 0,5 hour
  • VDWS beginner course, 10 hours
  • Advanced course, 4 hours
  • Change-over / refresh course, 4 hours
  • private-lessons for one/two people, 1 hour
  • Catamaran-Taxi
  • Catamaran Sailing Tour to Paros, half day tour

VDWS Courses

All courses are given by licensed VDWS instructors under the rules of the VDWS www.vdws.de