By 29. April 2016 No Comments

Hello everyone! This is Flisvos Sportclub’s first blog post and we have some really exciting news!

First of all, after lots of months of hard work, our new fresh website is finally on air and we love it! What do you think?

Second, we are open! The Laguna Center, the Beach Cafe, the Seaside Studios, all open and ready to add some magic to your holiday. Our first customers for the season, Christian and Violetta, arrived this morning; by the way, today it was Christian’s birthday, isn’t that the coolest way to start the season? The whole day people enjoyed the sun and the sea, the food and the drinks in our favorite Beach Cafe. The wind was not strong enough for windsurfing, but perfect for SUP and this is what most of our guests in Laguna did, in order to get some color for the summer!

Last but certainly not least: what are you guys doing this Sunday? It’s Orthodox Easter Sunday and also the 1rst of May, a really big deal in Greece! How about joining our Barbeque Party? There will be traditional lamp on a stick, drinks, music, dancing and, of course, the Flisvos vibe! Don’t miss it! Let us know until Saturday morning that you are coming.

So, that’s it for now, we hope that you loved our new site as much as we do, and we will come back soon with some pictures.

See you soon!

The Flisvos Team